The stenciling that I used to do on walls is now done on cakes

The cake that started it all.

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Mary Affinito
Amore Alternative Desserts

​Fall in love with dessert again.

About me...

Ever since I was a child I loved to bake.  I constantly cut out recipes and put them in binders.  My oldest brother Al loved my chocolate chip cookies and it was so satisfying seeing that smile on his face as he devoured them.  When I got older I loved baking with my Dad who was a natural in the kitchen.

​I have always been artistic and I'm most happy when I am creating. I get that talent from my mom who was a photographer.  In 1998 I started a decorative painting company. My passion for that continued until 2013 but I had to quit because of health issues. While I was recovering from surgery I came across a picture of a cake  in the shape of a purse.  I was confident that I could recreate the purse because of my skills from the decorative painting but I need gluten free and refined sugar free.  That started me on a mission and being creative again actually helped with my recovery. Now, the designs I used to paint on walls are now being created on cakes.​                       

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Amore Alternative Desserts Vendor Partners:

We are proud to present a list of our Vendor Partners.  Please visit their sites to learn more about their products and services.

My desserts are gluten free, refined sugar free and some are grain free.



Why choose Amore Alternative Desserts?​

You will fall in love with dessert again because after enjoying one of my desserts you will feel completely blissful. Everyone deserves a little indulgence.


I understand your feeling of being left out and forgotten because of food issues.  You no longer need to feel deprived.


I add my artistic flair so my desserts look as good as they taste. Having dessert is the perfect ending to a great meal.  You won't have to worry because I have that handled for you.


I use organic,  pure ingredients.